Wow, Has It Been a Year Already?!

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Hey there everyone!!

Wow, it has been almost a year since my last post and the events in between now and then have been remarkable. It would take a lengthy post to try and catch up with what has happened within the year. However, here is a bit to get you all caught up;

Pretty much anytime from my last post to October, 14th was planning the wedding and finalizing all of the details. Then came the Honeymoon, move in to our new home AND now we’re preparing for Baby #2 while I revamp this blog that I love so much.

Not much will change besides the fact that my bump will continue to get bigger.. and bigger. I’ve continued to eat the same while trying my best to continue my work out routine, full time job and being a Wife and Mama. Things will get busy, but never too much to handle. Stay tuned and join me on this crazy beautiful journey.

Ps. a HUGE thank you to everyone that has continuously supported me throughout my journey. Your love and support is unexplainable. Just know that I appreciate you!

Thank you for stopping by, see you on the next post.



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