Hello there, My name is Marlyn; mother of a teeny tod and fiancé to my high school sweetheart. Falling in love with the anatomy of the human body and the wonders of whole foods did not happen overnight. It took many years of falling hard and learning to get back up even stronger than the day before. Health is not a hobby nor a “quick fix” to getting skinny; it’s my passion. Not only my passion to become the healthiest version of me, but my passion to become more and more knowledgable on anything that has to do with health and fitness. Needless to say, my goal/dream is to become a Registered Dietician. I would never work a day in my life because that is where my heart truly is.

Now you know my passion and a little bit about my future.. Here’s my past, what led to where I am now:


Growing up in a Cuban family, being “thick” “big boned” or “curvy” is the norm and I learned to just believe that it was natural. I knew deep down that being out of breath as often as I was just wasn’t right. Sitting back and having to take a break while your little cousins ran circles around you also didn’t feel the best. Yes, I know what you’re thinking- “You can control your eating habits.” You’re correct, I could have- but being 14 years young and not being led by example just plain out SUCKED! With that being said, I got completely fed up with having to win people over with my personality and try harder due to my weight because as we all know- kids are mean. Of course I got bullied, taken advantage for being “too nice” or “too caring” and lets not forget to mention the amount of times older men would hit on me and it was my fault for having too much of a “woman’s body”… Really?

At the young age of 14, I was taken to the doctors because my mother was afraid that I was diebetic like my grandfather.. Well guess what? I was one ice cream cone away from it. That was a  groundbreaking moment for me and definitely one of the scariest days of my life. That day I weighed the heaviest I ever weighed, 202 lbs at 14 years young.. 202!! It’s hard for me to think and write about my past without getting angry at myself. Now, I’m able to surpass that a little more with each passing day. I’ve learned to turn that anger into pridefullness to know how far i’ve come and to compare myself to the person that I was yesterday; not fitness models that get to spend day in and out in the gym. (Dream job!!) Learning to love yourself just how you are helps you become successful in your journey of becoming who you aspire to be, a healthier version of you! Bend over backwards for YOU.

Get fit for YOU. ❤

Here’s to every single person that stuck by my side and loved me through thick and thin.. Literally! Thank you, THANK YOU front the bottom of my heart. Here we go, post number two out of many more.

There will definitely be more bits and pieces to my story, stay tuned. Thank you for reading!!