Is It Really More Affordable To Workout at Home?!

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Okay everyone. This is literally ALL that you need to get into fitness. Besides the items I will mention- you obviously need determination and the bad ass go getter attitude I know you ALL have. The items that I will mention in this post are items that I have and have found very useful for my home/ outdoor workouts. Obviously if you know of a place that sells these items at an even more affordable price than comment below and … Read More

Favorite At Home Workouts of 2017

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Obviously with each post comes a little story that I’ll be sure to elaborate on later. Of course, I had to take things easy and mainly stick to cardio during at least the first 13 weeks of my pregnancy. Besides the constant fatigue, being nauseous became the new norm for me. Literally at 13 weeks things took a huge turn for the better and for that I am forever thankful.   The beginning as for most Mama’s was pretty rough. … Read More