Is It Really More Affordable To Workout at Home?!

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Okay everyone. This is literally ALL that you need to get into fitness. Besides the items I will mention- you obviously need determination and the bad ass go getter attitude I know you ALL have. The items that I will mention in this post are items that I have and have found very useful for my home/ outdoor workouts.
Obviously if you know of a place that sells these items at an even more affordable price than comment below and share your knowledge. I do know that Five Below has a workout gear section that has pretty cool stuff, just be careful with some of the things as the quality might not be worth saving a couple of bucks (like their yoga mats).
Kettle ball $5.99

Kettle balls are great for so many exercises and do not take up much room. An great example for an exercise using a kettle ball is of course Kettlebell Swings, Shoulder Raise and Plie Squats holding the kettle bell in my middle of your abdominal area.

Medicine Ball $7.99

Excersise/ medicine ball are great for both stretching and numerous amounts of excersise.  Like the Stability Ball Roll Up which I absolutely hate that I love.

Yoga Mat $12.99

Yoga mats are everything. I obviously use my mat for doing yoga, but also for stretching or letting your kids use it as a toy mat at a picnic. Of course you could just use the floor but when it comes to actual floor work it could get pretty uncomfortable.


           Resistance bands  $8.00                                               

I love resistance bands! From the day I purchased these bad boys, I haven’t been able to workout at home without them. I take them to the park with me and they are awesome to wrap around a tree trunk and get to working. These bands are so portable and versatile.

Foam Roller $9.99

I personally have a hard time with keeping myself accountable when it comes to stretching. The foam roller definitely helps make it more fun and is amazing for your muscles. The pressure from your body weight rolling on the foam roller helps release a little something called Lactic Acid. Now Lactic acid is good for you to a certain extent… once too much Lactic Acid builds up in your muscles, that’s when extreme soreness comes in to play. Sometimes your body produces more than you can burn. Being sore is a sense of accomplishment to me but not when it hurts so bad that I literally can not roll out of bed. Trust me, stretching helps!

Yoga Block $6.99    

Yoga blocks are super helpful when you are either a beginner yogi or a seasonal one. It helps improve your flexibility and is great for practicing your most challenging pose. This is one of the items that is not a must to have (unless you are wanting to really work on perfecting your poses) as a part of your collection but definitely one to consider.
What was the grand total? Less than $50 not including the Yoga Block, since it wasn’t a necessity. I truly hope this helps shine some light on the typical excuse “I can’t afford a gym membership”. Home workouts can be just as challenging as working out in the gym, but just a little more personal and private.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by, see you on the next post.



6 Comments on “Is It Really More Affordable To Workout at Home?!”

    1. Yes girl, maybe i’ll make a video shopping for workout equipment at 5 Below? Hmmm…. 🙂

  1. Love this post! I have all of the above items you mentioned and enjoy them all. Thanks for including pics of them as well as prices! I think a set of light and/or medium weight dumbbells also come in handy, but the resistance band can always substitute too.

    1. You are absolutely right, I have a set of dumbbells myself so I totally should have mentioned them. Thank you for your input, Pricilla. 🙂

  2. I have really been wanting to work out home since I’m home all day with my two kids! I just never knew where to start! Thanks for sharing!

    1. It’s definitely not the easiest, even with having this equipment at home. You have to find the perfect timing and the kiddos have to be in the mood to allow Mama some time to workout. Just remember that any workout done is better than no workout. 😉

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